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Lululemon Store Murals

Limeridge Mall, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Cash Desk Mural

Vinyl Print

On the strength of my illustrations for Collective Arts Brewing, the store manager was inspired to include my work in a proposal for the Limeridge Mall location's renovation. Working with the store designer's directive of including elements that represent the city of Hamilton, the cash desk mural includes many of those elements drawing on the city's past and present history.


Fit Room Mural

Vinyl Print

The mural design for the fit room located on the reverse side of the cash desk was based around the phrase, "Water is life, savour every drop." And as a result, creating a marine theme with a variety of fish and bird-like creatures with a touch of the surreal was what resulted in the end, and using a cooler colour pallette than the mural the front. 

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